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AtlasFive® Capabilities

Achieve More with the Next-Generation Wealth Management Software, Enhanced by EtonGPT™

By harnessing cloud native artificial intelligence technologies, best-in-class cybersecurity and advanced data governance – coupled with unmatched domain expertise, Eton Solutions is helping wealth management firms evolve to a Hybrid AI-HumAIn™ Delivery Framework. As the family office paradigm continues to advance and shift, we’ll help you exceed expectations. Our cloud-native platform, AtlasFive®, has established the benchmark for industry best practices of Family Offices. It goes beyond traditional data aggregation and reporting capabilities.

Working with Azure OpenAI, Eton Solutions has developed proprietary EtonGPT™ application embedded within AtlasFive® platform. Users can now access multiple AI tools within their own database to maximize productivity and future-proof your business with AI. With seamless reporting and intelligent insights, you’ll maximize productivity and achieve more — leading to deeper and more productive client relationships.

What does achieving more mean for your employees, your clients, and you?


An Architecture that Transforms Your Data Governance, Aggregation Methods, Workflows and Processes so You Can Future-Proof Your Business with AI

With over 100 use cases within our proprietary generative AI application EtonGPT™, Family Offices can automate middle and back-office operations thereby freeing up staff to focus on front office activities such as client engagement and strategic planning.

The end result: A digital family office platform adaptable for the world-class operations and cybersecurity to meet the individual needs of each client.

The AtlasFive® platform provides a secure infrastructure to support your Family Office operations. AtlasFive®, hosted on Microsoft Azure allows clients to create a flexible operational infrastructure while capitalizing on Eton Solutions’ process maturity and certifications. AtlasFive® is SOC2, ISO 27001 and ISO 27701 certified and adheres with GDPR, CCPA, and OSPAR standards. Equipped with SSO and MFA, AtlasFive® has a cloud-native architecture and advanced disaster recovery mechanisms.


Key Features of AtlasFive®

Streamline your family office operations with the best-in-class AtlasFive® integrated platform for improved efficiency.

Cybersecurity and Privacy

AtlasFive® stands among the top cybersecurity infrastructures in the Family Office sector, incorporating AI-driven threat intelligence.

  • Pro-active 24 x 7 monitoring of client data, which includes immediate responses to any incidents. All data and documents are protected through robust encryption measures.
  • Private Azure single-tenant instance with option to provide own encryption key (BYOK).
  • Entity-level visibility enforces data and document security with role-based access.
  • Cloud Native Architecture with World-Class Business Continuity and Disaster Recovery. Eton Solutions is SOC2, ISO27001 and ISO27701 certified and adheres to GDPR, CCPA, and OSPAR standards.
  • Integrated Single Sign-On (SSO) and Multi-Factor Authentication (MFA).
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Artificial Intelligence

Eton leverages a powerful combination of best-in-class AI technologies to optimize processes and improve efficiency effectively.

Secure and Dedicated AI Infrastructure

EtonSolutions utilizes a cloud-native, serverless infrastructure with dedicated and secure private instances to ensure that AI operations are safe and tailored for exclusive use within a private and secure environment.

Centralized AtlasFive® Data Fabric

To maximize AI effectiveness, we centralize all private AtlasFive® data into an Integrated Data Model, which allows AI models to understand the context and relationships between data points. Combining this private data with real-time web search data and pre-trained data enhances AI's ability to drive meaningful business use cases.

Expert System-based Business Rule Engine (BRE)

Automates workflows by defining, executing, and managing rules and logic

  • Features over 450 expert business rules tailored for Family Offices for datafeed processing and normalization.
  • Enables transaction validation, creation, and update (Position Recon, Omnibus, Mark to Market, etc.).

Large Language Model (LLM)

Natural language processing, reasoning, and decision-making capabilities.

  • Leverage EtonGPT™ for extraction, content generation, summarization and inferencing any data that is securely stored in your private AtlasFive® instance.
  • Create visualizations and translate reports into other languages. Eton has filed patent for Dynamic Visualization of financial data Generative AI.
  • Provides ability to conduct market research with real time financial data from the World Wide Web in your secure EtonGPT™ instance.

Machine Learning

  • Optimal Character Recognition (OCR) for automatically extracting data from unstructured documents like invoices, capital calls, manager statements, etc.. Eton has filed patent for OCR Interpretation by LLM through data enrichment and pre-processing of input text.
  • Leverage Power BI Auto Machine Learning (AutoML) for dynamic interrogation and decomposition of reports.


Provides visibility into the entire period closing cycle through a centralized dashboard.

  • AI-powered matching of Investment Book of Records (IBOR) with the Accounting Book of Records (ABOR) to identify discrepancies, missing entries, and exceptions.
  • An extensive audit trail is maintained within AtlasLens, documenting every exception, remediation action, user input, and system refresh for comprehensive compliance oversight.

Cloud Native

Eton Solutions' Cloud Native Serverless Architecture leads to significant cost savings since you only pay for the resources you consume.

  • Dynamic Resource Scaling: AtlasFive® seamlessly adapt to varying seasonal demands, ensuring family offices can efficiently manage resource-intensive periods such as month-end or quarter-end closings.
  • Secure System Updates: Regular patches and upgrades are delivered over the cloud to ensure that your instance remains secure and up-to-date.

Business Continuity

Advanced disaster recovery and backup strategies ensure your services are always ‘online’.

  • Incremental Data Backups: Eton Solutions ensures uninterrupted service by implementing incremental backups every five minutes and daily full backups, safeguarding against data loss
  • Global Hosting and Redundancy: By hosting in multiple countries and offering hot-hot instance replication, Eton Solutions provides robust data redundancy. This setup guarantees a ready-to-activate backup server, minimizing downtime and maintaining seamless operations
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Core Accounting

Integrated General Ledger, Trust, Partnership Accounting, and Tax Ledger

General Ledger Accounting

Real-time integrated General Ledger for streamlined operations.

  • Flexible Chart of Accounts, Reporting Structures and unlimited Financial Statement Groupings.
  • Automated data feed processing and journal entry creation by AtlasFive® Business Rule Engine.
  • Automated Daily Bank and Book reconciliation. Flexible Financial Statement reports at summary and detail levels with transaction level drill down features.
  • Experience smoother Period Close with AI-powered AtlasLens which reduces the effort and time required to close the books.


AtlasFive® is the only Family Office platform that seamlessly combines Trust Accounting with all your other Family Office functions.AtlasFive® is the only Family Office platform that seamlessly combines Trust Accounting with all your other Family Office functions

  • Integrated repository for Trust detail information, including trust beneficiaries, grantors, trustees, and more.
  • Track Principal and Income automatically and calculate and execute Income Distributions. Handle Trust Fees effortlessly within the platform.
  • Generate reports like Trust Statements of Income, Statements of Assets, and Principal and Income Activity in no time. Automated Annual Account Review to stay compliant.

Partnership Accounting

Fully-integrated, automated module for managing all your Partnership Accounting needs

  • Adaptable across diverse fund type such as Hedge Fund, Private Equity, Real Estate, Multi Tranche, Funds with Side Pockets, Money Market Style, and Hybrid funds.
  • Automated allocation of Net Income and Distribution Calculation (Pro Rata to Waterfall Method). Track Capital Commitments, Distributions, NAV, Units, Price, MOIC, IRR, etc. and generate reports all within a single, user-friendly interface.
  • Partnership Book of Records seamlessly reconciles with your General Ledger and Investment Book of Records, eliminating discrepancies.
  • EtonGPT™ supports extraction of data from Capital Call Notices, Distribution Notices, Manager Statements, etc., creating workflows for transaction processing and mark-to-market.

Tax Ledger

Obtain the needed information to support meeting your tax reporting requirements.

  • Automated tax classification and reporting of all income and expenses by tax categories with details by relationships, entities, accounts, securities and funds.
  • Utilize the Tax Ledger as workpapers for Estimated Tax Filing.
  • All tax related documents like Tax Return, Contributions, etc. are segregated out by type, year or any other specifics for quick reference.
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Investment Management

Portfolio Management

Institutionalize family objectives and comply with regulatory requirements

  • Establish family-specific investment objectives, benchmarks and track portfolio targets to actuals.
  • Create and maintain multiple portfolio views simultaneously.
  • Assign minimum and maximum cash targets, passive active preference, income need targets.
  • Save time and effort by updating daily portfolio benchmarks data to AtlasFive® using EtonGPT™.

Performance Management, Analytics and Reporting

Transform complex, portfolio data into concise reporting, analyze performance and risk, and turn insights into action

  • Net Worth view of total assets and P&L across entities, including Look Thru and Roll up reporting.
  • Analyze and visualize portfolio data and immediately assess your exposure.
  • Daily Performance dashboard to analyze performance across wide range of attributes such as portfolio, entity, account, asset class, geography, industry, sector, and many more.
  • Leverage EtonGPT™ to analyze portfolio allocation against targets, reviews performance metrics, identify top performers or outliers, etc.

Risk Management

Capture family net worth for risk management and seize market opportunities

  • Automated Annual Investment Account Review through a project-based workflow to validate financial and non -financial data status of accounts.
  • Restricted holdings tracking and exception identification.
  • With EtonGPT™, you can evaluate securities, compare financial statements, conduct market research and review investment fund prospectuses against risk evaluation checklist.

Multi-Asset Class Security Master

Single view of diverse range of assets and liabilities to manage your wealth from wherever you are

  • Liquid investments (Equities, Bonds/Fixed Income, Cash, T-Bills, ETFs, etc.)
  • Illiquid investments (Hedge Funds, Fund of Funds, Private Equity, Real Estate, Insurance, etc.)
  • Personal Assets (cars, private jet, yacht, residences, jewelry, art, collections, etc.)
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Entity Management

Entity Management enabled by a data model created specifically for a family office

  • Synchronized management of intricate ownerships and reporting organizational hierarchies, ensure you're always in control.
  • Global Chart of Accounts simplify your financial reporting and tracking.
  • Tailor the system to your unique needs with customizable fields.
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Cash Management

Bill Pay

AtlasFive’s® integrated Transaction Processing module enables payment instructions to your custodian, banks, funds, and vendors.

  • Payment methods supported include Check Printing, Same Day and Standard ACH, Domestic and International Wires, Account to Account Transfers and Positive Pay transactions.
  • Integration with BILL enables clients to use accounts at any US bank to pay bills and remit funds.
  • AI-driven Automated Invoice Processor supports extraction of data from invoices and bills.

Transaction Processing

  • Automated extraction of data from Capital Call Notices, Distribution Notices, Manager Statements, Invoices etc., creating workflows for transaction processing and mark-to-market.
  • Our patent pending Contextual OCR leverages machine learning algorithms, EtonGPT, AtlasFive CRM Knowledge Graph and Memorized Transactions. This innovation birthed an AI-powered invoice processing system capable of identifying crucial invoice details from images without requiring training and aligning them with the appropriate payor and bank accounts in AtlasFive.
  • Tag documents to transactions and initiate capital call payment instructions to banks and custodians directly from AtlasFive®.

CashFlow Forecast

Flexibility to model complex cash flows with both recurring and one-time components, allowing for detailed and precise forecasting.

  • Users can set up varying schedules for different entities, including quarterly or one-time contributions, with specified amounts, thus providing tailored cashflow event management.
  • AtlasFive® is designed to output a flat file of transactions which captures all the cashflow events and movements. Users can then export these transactions to build custom cashflow reports. 
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Intelligent Document Management

Transform the way you handle documents and unlock the potential of your information like never before.

  • User permissioned by type and role, securely share private documents and view all activities with digital audit trail.
  • Documents are integrated into business process and all AtlasFive® modules, including reconciliations, audit prep, transaction processing, core accounting modules, CRM, Client Portal, and Investment Reporting.
  • Automated Document Content Indexing, Classification, and Auto Tagging for seamless upload into AtlasFive®.
  • AI Elastic Search makes documents searchable within seconds of being indexed.
  • Summarize multiple lengthy documents stored in your private instance using EtonGPT™.
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Private Loan Module

The Private Loan module allows for creation and maintenance of all Notes and Loans

  • Maintain intra entity or external party loan information.
  • Extensive data points for each loan can be stored in the module.
  • Generate down-stream efficiencies in posting transactions that updates both lender and borrow records with one workflow.
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Client Reporting

Bespoke white-labeled client reporting delivered in seconds.

  • +50 out-of-the-box Investment, GL, Partnership, Trust, Operations and Compliance paginated reports, including Daily Performance Dashboard and Accounting Dashboard.
  • AtlasFive® Reporting APIs let you build your own customized reporting dashboards and apps.
  • Power BI tools enable dynamic interrogation and decomposition of AtlasFive® data.
  • Additionally, you can use EtonGPT™ to analyze these reports, create narratives and convert them into other languages.
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Data Integration

Automated aggregation and reconciliation of data from electronic feeds, bank and custodian portals, and PDF statements.

  • Access to +1,500 banks and custodians directly or through our partner aggregators.
  • Daily automated data feed processing and aggregation with an AI based Business Rule Engine.
  • Documents processed include brokerage statements, manager statements, invoices, capital call notices, distribution notices, tax forms, etc. You can also leverage our patent pending Contextual OCR technology to extract data from these documents.
  • Eton Solutions Services Team helps with statement processing and portal data extraction, including historical data migration.
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Workflows & Audit Trail

Systemized, customizable workflows that structure tasks and roles specifically to your office’s operational processes, incorporating best practice risk management

  • Workflow engine enables users to create custom workflow paths based on specific task or transaction.
  • Visibility access permissions a user to view specific ownership, assets, documents, reports, and other confidential data.
  • End to end audit trail of user actions such as login sessions, report views, downloads and edits.

An Implementation Process that is Focused on Your Family Office

Unlike other so-called “integrated platforms” in the marketplace, we built AtlasFive with the sole purpose of solving the challenges family offices face every day.

Our founders and other leadership built their careers in family offices. This domain expertise enabled us to map all the functions of a family office and ensure that AtlasFive® can be configured to successfully transition you from your existing environment.

We also recognize the need for continued support. When you choose AtlasFive®, you’re choosing a domain partner. Successfully implementing a new platform into your office’s processes requires more than just customized configurations — your employees need to know how to make the platform work for them. Our Global Service Center provides dedicated assistance to each of our clients. Our customers’ success is at the core of all our processes, and we always ensure they are fully supported.

Process mapping enabled by domain expertise.

We have lived your problems, mapped the diverse needs of family offices, designed our system around these needs through domain expertise, and can handle complex entity structures and transactions.


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