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Business Managers

With Eton Solutions, Business Managers can offer entertainers and athletes a bespoke and robust range of scalable services, eliminating the problem of manually integrating disparate systems. It also improves transparency, decreases risk, and enables business managers to provide more services to more clients – without increasing costs.

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Purpose built for High-Net-Worth Clients

Eton Solutions was founded by professionals who spent their careers servicing Ultra-High Net Worth Individuals. With a focus on integrating disparate systems and automating routine tasks, Eton Solutions helps business managers seamlessly coordinate cash management, investment reporting, and tax preparation so clients have a holistic view of their financial picture while benefiting from streamlined processes, greater transparency, and real-time access to data.

What you would be getting as a Business Manager

Integrated Bill Payment Processes
Investment Data Aggregation
Tax Preparation
Financial Accounting
Portfolio Management
Mobile App
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Key Benefits
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Serving All Your Clients' Needs

Bill Pay Efficiencies

Streamlined bill pay and operational processes to manage your clients' financial affairs, ensuring operational excellence and client satisfaction.

Integrated Cash Management and Banking

  • Over $58 Billion in payments processed out of AtlasFive.
  • With our platform's integration with BILL, you can pay bills or remit funds to any US accounts directly from AtlasFive.
  • Clients can also initiate wire payments (domestic and international), Same-day and Standard ACH, Account to Account Transfers, Cheques, etc. , enhancing your ability to manage financial affairs for your clients.

Seamless Experience

Our unified platform streamlines business manager operations, eliminating the inconvenience and inefficiencies of juggling multiple software products.

Gain scale and transparency

  • Seamlessly integrates core functions, from Client Onboarding, Entity Management, Portfolio Management, Risk Management, General Ledger (GL), Fund and Trust Accounting, Bill Payment, Loan Management and Client Reports, eliminating the re-keying of data into multiple systems and the inefficiencies of reconciling data across these products.

Improved Digital Experience

  • Our client portal and mobile app provides a modern digital experience for your family members in a secure manner.

Bespoke Reporting

Business Managers can efficiently and accurately deliver insights, from daily net worth to monthly cash flow and annual financial statements, through our Client Portal and Client Mobile Application.

Simplified Accounting Processes

  • Elevate your client services with consolidated accounting and wealth reporting, which spans across legal entity structures and asset complexities.
  • Access to over +50 out-of-the-box Investment, General Ledger, Partnership, Trust, Operations and Compliance reports, including Daily Performance Dashboard and Accounting Dashboard.

Professional Services

Eton Solutions Services Team works as an extension of your team: we provide dedicated resources for your office so your employees have greater versatility and productivity.

Drive transparency & collaboration

Secure document storage, retrieval and sharing with collaborative editing and version control to reduce the risk of errors.

Intelligent Document Management

  • Documents are integrated into business processes and all AtlasFive modules, including reconciliations, audit prep, transaction processing, CRM, Client Portal, and Investment Reporting
  • Over 1.2 million documents encrypted and stored on AtlasFive and you can retrieve your documents in seconds using elastic search functionality.
  • User permissioned by type and role, securely share private documents and view all activities with digital audit trail.

Privacy, Security and Transparency

Our robust cyber security protects your sensitive data, offering peace of mind while preserving the trust of your digital environment.

Secure Infrastructure and IT security

We offer you a best-in-class solution that gives you full Control over your data, is managed according to the highest Security standards, and ensures the maximum level of Privacy for your family's needs.

  • SOC2 Certified
  • ISO27001 Certified
  • Cloud Native Architecture
  • Integrated Single Sign On with Multi Factor Authentication
  • Disaster Recovery
  • 24x7 Monitoring

Learn More about securing your family office infrastructure

User permissions and digital audit trails

  • Manage dynamic permissions for document types, workflow activities, data set-up, transaction approvals, and view all activities through digital audit trail.

Secure document hub

  • Share private documents with third-party vendors and partners on a single platform.

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