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Business Managers

With Eton Solutions, business managers can offer entertainers and athletes a bespoke and robust range of services.

Integrated Bill Payment Processes
Investment Data Aggregation
Tax Preparation
Financial Accounting

Incorporating Eton Solutions’ scalable services into your business management offerings eliminates the problem of manually integrating disparate systems. It also improves transparency, decreases risk, and enables business managers to provide more services to more clients – without increasing costs.

Purpose built for High-Net-Worth Clients

Eton Solutions was founded by professionals who spent their careers servicing Ultra-High Net Worth Individuals. With a focus on integrating disparate systems and automating routine tasks, Eton Solutions helps business managers seamlessly coordinate cash management, investment reporting, and tax preparation so clients have a holistic view of their financial picture while benefiting from streamlined processes, greater transparency, and real-time access to data.


Bill Pay Efficiency
Simplified Account Processes
Privacy, Security and Transparency
Compliance and Audit Trails
Integrated Cash Management and Banking

A New Alternative
for Business Managers

AtlasFive® from Eton Solutions provides business managers with a new alternative for bill payment and client accounting. No longer do business managers need to make technology decision based on where they bank. AtlasFive provides a modern technology platform that enables business managers to take advantage of the latest in technology such as AI to scale their business.

Eton Solutions Founder Robert Mallernee
Key Benefits

Serving All Your Clients' Needs

Scale Your Operations

Streamline your client bill payment process with our integrated business manager platform.

Integrated Cash Management and Open Banking

  • Integration with BILL and multiple banks.
  • Over $65B in bill payments processed.
  • Robust approval workflow.

Integrated Platform

Our unified platform includes bill pay, client accounting, investment data integration and more.

Key Functions Fully Integrated

  • Seamless integration between your custodian of choice and general ledger accounting system eliminates reconciliation between systems reducing risk and adding scale.

Digital Client Experience

Delight your clients with seamless digital experience.

Improved Customer Experience

  • Client portal and mobile app provide a modern digital experience for your clients allowing them to approve bills on the go, share document securely and look up important financial information.

Custom Reporting

Better Information Delivery

  • Over 50 Standard reports.
  • Integrated Business Intelligence tools.
  • Private Labelling.

Professional Services

Delight your clients with seamless digital experience.

Augment your Staff

  • We can provide many back office operations functions in a cost effective manner allowing your team to focus more on your clients.

Privacy and Data Security

Protect your clients data.

Secure Infrastructure and IT Security

We offer you a best-in-class solution that gives you full control over your data, is managed according to the highest security standards, and ensures maximum level of Privacy for your family’s needs.

  • SOC2 Certified.
  • ISO 27001 Certified.
  • Cloud Native Architecture.
  • Integrated Single Sign On with Multi Factor Authentication.
  • Disaster Recovery.
  • 24x7 Monitoring.

User Permissions and Digital Audit Trails

  • Manage dynamic permissions for document types, workflow activities, data set-up, transaction approvals, and view all activities through a digital audit trail.

Secure Document Hub

  • Share private documents with third-party vendors and partners on a single platform.

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