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Eton Solutions, creator of the award-winning AtlasFive® technology platform, launched the industry-first Administrative Family Office™ (AFO™). The AFO™ introduces a cost-effective, integrated solution for ultra-high-net-worth families, starting from $25 million in assets, offering the same powerful capabilities as large single family offices. An AFO-powered office is a far more cost-effective and rewarding alternative, essentially delivering a virtual family office in the palm of your hand.

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Choose your own path with AFO™

A family office may not be right for everyone. It can be time-consuming to establish and costly to maintain. It also can add unnecessary layers of management complexity.

However, a family needs more than just advisory services to manage wealth effectively. How can a family skip the hassle yet still reap the benefits of a family office?

If you already have a financial advisor you trust, adding Eton Solutions’ AFO™ provides all needed administrative capabilities for an efficient family office. Furthermore, AFO™ delivers a data-driven foundation to empower your advisor.

What you would be getting as an Ultra-High Net Worth Family

Simplify your financial picture with a dedicated team
Get full control at your fingertips
Achieve comprehensive portfolio visibility and optimize performance
Manage complex investments seamlessly
Have a high quality, accurate and secure data infrastructure
Keep track of all your private assets
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A Virtual Family Office in the Palm of Your Hand

Eton Solutions adds professional services to the power of the AtlasFive™ platform to deliver the end-to-end administrative services traditionally provided by a family office in a cost-effective, hassle-free product we call the Administrative Family Office™ (AFO™).

Add AFO™ to your existing preferred advisory services to complete your wealth management needs, while avoiding the expense and complexity of a family office.

Key Benefits
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Eton Solutions' AFO™ empowers Wealth Management

With Eton Solutions’ Administrative Family Office™ (AFO™), you can access a secure, best-in-class platform to manage and control your total net worth. Paired with a plug-and-play suite of features and services to augment and improve middle and back office efficiency, the AFO™ empowers your family office to focus on achieving its vision and legacy.

AFO™ delivers rolled-up financial reporting, ad hoc reports, and other status reports such as total net worth in near real-time, enabling data-precise wealth management.

Overcome the prohibitive setup costs associated with setting up a family office
A plug-and-play suite of services to augment and improve back and middle office efficiency
Accelerate decision-making with real-time insights by integrating financial data and performance/risk reporting into one unified view
Securely manage assets, accounts, and investments with Eton's best-in-class Azure infrastructure
Boost organizational efficiency through automation with our award-winning data model
Secure, best-in-class platform to manage and control end-to-end operations

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