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Eton Solutions provides a family office platform, support and administrative services, so that you can choose the solution that fits your needs best.  

With Eton Solutions, you’re leveraging a platform that evolves with your business and with global technology standards, security and capabilities.

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Atlas Five®
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Built by a family office for family office globally.

The AtlasFive® platform was built to solve the challenges family offices face. It provides a secure family office infrastructure to support efficient operations. Provide family members with current data about their assets and net worth, reduce staff time spent on routine tasks, and streamline siloed reports into a central system. Implement AtlasFive® and see how much more your office can achieve.

General Ledger, Partnership and Trust Accounting
Portfolio Management and Investment Reporting
Tax Classification
Bill Pay
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Administrative Family Office™
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Administrative Family Office™

A virtual family office in the palm of your hand.

Eton Solutions adds professional services to the power of the AtlasFive® platform to deliver the end-to-end administrative services traditionally provided by a family office in a cost-effective, hassle-free product we call the Administrative Family Office™ (AFO™). Add AFO™ to your existing preferred advisory services to complete your wealth management needs, while avoiding the expense and complexity of a family office.

Virtual family office in the palm of your hand
Get full control and visibility of your total net worth
Ensure maximum privacy for your family’s needs​
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Services that empower our clients to achieve more for their clients.

Family offices have different goals and resources, which is why we offer comprehensive service options to our clients. Choose the support you need, when you need it — investment support, general ledger assistance, investment management support, and more. Offer your clients more without adding additional staff.

Tax Support Services
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More Than A Family Office Application​ —
‍A Secure, Integrated Solution​.

The AtlasFive® platform provides a secure family office infrastructure to support your operations. AtlasFive’s architecture, hosted on Microsoft Azure, allows clients to create a flexible operational infrastructure while capitalizing on Eton Solutions’ process maturity and certifications.​

By utilizing the advanced cybersecurity infrastructure of Microsoft 
Azure, combined with the security governance processes provided by Eton Solutions, we deliver a robust, secure, and compliant data protection platform.

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Secure to the core

Flexible Operational Infrastructure
Pro-active 24x7 Monitoring
Disaster Recovery and Business Continuity
Integrated Single Sign-On (SSO) and Multi-Factor Authentication 
Inheritable Maturity
Cloud Native Architecture (CNA)
Trusted Security and Computing Infrastructure

All within a secure application and a secure Infrastructure.

We protect your data through world class Microsoft Azure security infrastructure


Best in class certifications and external auditors' validation (SOC2 and ISO27001) and adherence with GDPR, ISO27701, CCPA and OSPAR regulations

Cloud Native

Benefit from the dynamic scaling of computing
resources that can match varying seasonal demands


Round-the-clock monitoring of network traffic, identifying anomalies, potential threats, and malicious activities.


Fully encrypted data (in transit and at rest) with entity-level visibility stored locally or in any one of 56 Countries of your choice


Security testing at every stage, from software development to deployment and beyond


Single Sign-on (SSO) and Multi Factor Authentication (MFO) using Azure Active Directory

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