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Services that empower our clients to achieve more for their clients.

Your clients expect increasingly complex, specialized services from their family office. These growing demands can strain your resources and diminish the value you are able to provide. Our Global Technology Center collaborates with you to help you achieve — and exceed — your family office’s goals.

Whether you work with AtlasFive independently or have us help you manage middle and back-office tasks, our goal is for you to maximize the value you receive from the platform while always remaining in control. We help you identify your family office’s needs, and then we work with you to devise a solution that complements the value you deliver to your clients.

Eton Solutions will assign you a key single point of contact who, leveraging a highly experienced team of experts, will provide your service requirements, paying only for what you need, when you need.

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Customized service options in collaboration with Your clients.

When you choose Eton Solutions and AtlasFive®, our experts work with your office to ensure a seamless transition from implementation to operation. But our support doesn’t have to stop once the platform is up and running. Many of our clients leverage our Global Technology Center to scale and differentiate their family offices.

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From implementation to operation and beyond, we offer services to support you.

Data Aggregation
Fund Administration
Accounting & Reporting
Transaction Processing
Document Management
Performance & Client Reporting
Asset Setup,
Maintenance & Pricing
Compliance Support
Mailroom Services
Tax Support Services
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Why We are the experts
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award-winning services let offices choose what they need

Family offices have different goals and resources, which is why we offer comprehensive service options to our clients. With a dedicated Global Technology Center, we can tailor our support to fit your needs—even as those needs evolve over time.

We work with you to learn your office’s objectives. Then, our domain experts identify ways to optimize your office’s efficiency with the right amount of support from our Global Technology Center. We’ll collaborate to build an extended team to help you manage middle- and back-office tasks and share best practices.

Get access to a highly experienced team with one key point of contact assigned and pay only for the hours you use.

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Investment reporting

If your staff requires support in more complex functions, we’ll design a customized services plan that ensures your office has top-tier resources to help your teams achieve more and leave clients satisfied.

Investment Management Support

Whether your office manages one family’s finances or several families, the number of diverse investments can quickly grow large and unwieldy for a small office to manage. We are available to assist with capital call recordkeeping and producing commitment summaries, as well as any other investment management support services your clients may need.

Reporting & Analytics

Timely reporting is crucial in order to provide clients with current information about their assets and accounts. But with all the different types of required reports, it can take an immense amount of time to prepare them accurately and quickly. Take the burden off your office staff by letting our team handle the reporting requirements for your office. With all your data on one system, we can provide the most comprehensive, accurate, up-to-date data for any report you need: daily cash and position reconciliations, cash flow reports, financial statement reports, capital commitment reports, investment activity reports, bill pay reports, cash projections, investment performance reports, and more. With AtlasFive consolidating your data and our team providing support, your office will experience streamlined, efficient reporting that doesn’t excessively consume valuable, expensive staff hours.

Capital Activity

If your family office needs support services for managing capital activity within the AtlasFive platform, Eton Solutions can help. We can book fund activity and investor activity. We can also perform capital reconciliations and receive/upload capital notices within AtlasFive. We can even produce the capital account roll forward report and keep all capital activities moving smoothly. Our team will work with your office to determine what your clients need and the best way to provide first-rate support to them.


One of the most strategic benefits offices experience when they implement family office software like AtlasFive is the simplification of complex allocation structures. Today’s family office handles multiple classes of stock, different tranches of investments within a fund, special tax allocations, waterfall, carried interest, and other unique scenarios that lead to complicated allocation processes. AtlasFive simplifies these structures and reduces the amount of manual work required to process them. We can further support fund accounting services by helping with allocations of investment.

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Accounting support

One of the most complex processes for a family office, fund accounting, is also one for which AtlasFive provides comprehensive support. Fund accounting can quickly become complicated, with multiple allocation structures and various reporting schedules required. Simplify your family office’s fund accounting workflow by maximizing the power of AtlasFive to ensure family members have access to accurate information, capital activity is streamlined, and data is always ready for audits.

General Ledger Accounting / Fund Accounting

Our team is ready to help with all Investment Book of Records (IBOR) recon and Accounting Book of Records (ABOR) recon. We’re also on standby to help with month-end close and process fund contributions/distributions. We can also provide support to reconcile investments and capital and General Ledger (GL).

Cash Management

Keeping track of cash going out and coming in can consume a significant amount of staff time, but it needs regular attention in order to provide family members insight into their wealth. The AtlasFive platform simplifies cash management by consolidating all data and transactions within a single system. Moreover, our team can provide cash management support to your office via open item tracking, reconciliation of both A/P and A/R, and cash position reporting. We can even help monitor cash balances and calculate cash projections so your clients can avoid surprises and know what to expect in the future.

Cash Reconciliation

Our team can provide cash reconciliation support by confirming cash balances and clear/commenting on cash breaks. We can even provide cash projections so your office can produce accurate forecasts for clients. This service integrates seamlessly with AtlasFive so both staff and family members have accurate, current data.

Loans & Receivables Management

Our team can manage all of your office’s loans and loan processes with AtlasFive integration. We can set up private loans, and once loans are set up, we can manage loan payment schedules and all loan bill pay processing to ensure no payments are missed without any additional effort from your office personnel.

Financial Reporting

Our clients rely on us for financial reporting by seamlessly leveraging AtlasFive and its single source of consolidated data. If time spent on reporting is deducting from staff’s ability to provide deeper value, consider using our team for financial reporting support. We can help with general ledger coding of all transactions across all entities to ensure consistent and accurate data, and we can prepare consolidated financials, too. We can supply quarterly budgets and update the family distribution schedule so all family members have what they need when they need it.

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Tax support services

Tracking the movement of cash, reconciling A/P and A/R, and providing reports to family members can keep staff members busy with tasks. With AtlasFive integration and the support of our Global Technology Center, your cash management, loan tracking, tax support, and bill pay processes can be optimized, resulting in reduced employee workload and less document handling and paperwork. Your office can maintain oversight and control while relying on our expanded team for comprehensive support to keep all cash movement expedited and transparent.

Tax Support

Many family offices choose to outsource tax support services rather than keep a tax expert on staff. When your office implements AtlasFive, we can provide tax support services based on your data in the platform, and we can even prepare tax returns for you. (Note: Eton Solutions does not perform activities related to filing with tax authorities.)

Compliance Support

In-house compliance specialists can be expensive for family offices that may only utilize their services periodically. Our clients have the option to keep overhead costs low by only paying for compliance support as they need it. Our Global Technology Center can provide training and support for auditors on audit workflows, tax compliance, entity compliance, investment compliance (OFAC), and SEC compliance (12D1, 13F) to make maintaining compliance as painless as possible.


No matter what reporting schedule your office follows, we can leverage AtlasFive’s single source of truth to deliver accurate and current data to meet your client’s needs. We can provide Investment Book of Record (IBOR), Accounting Book of Record (ABOR), and Custodian Book of Record (CBOR) reconciliation and monthly/quarterly NAV packages and investor PCAPs. We offer a full range of services for all financial statement preparation and support as well as audit support.

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Most clients who use the AtlasFive platform appreciate support in the following fundamental areas. Depending on the office’s unique needs, clients can choose from any or all of these core services to ensure their specific requirements are met without purchasing unnecessary additional services.

Data Aggregation

As an integrated platform, AtlasFive removes data siloes and harnesses the power of one unified database. Beyond setup, we can lend support with the maintenance of the data feed, too. Our team can work with your office to provide daily cash and position reconciliations, as well as exception management reporting so that your office is quickly made aware of any outliers that warrant a closer look.

Asset Setup, Maintenance & Pricing

One of AtlasFive’s strongest advantages is its reliance on a single source of unified data. When your office implements AtlasFive, we ensure your office and clients can access a holistic view of all assets and liabilities. This one source of truth depends on security master setup, a repository of reference data that centralizes information and security to simplify your office’s processes. We provide support with manual pricing (including alternatives), creating and maintaining benchmarks, and security master attribute tagging. In addition to creating non-marketable assets, we’ll track key info, run transactions, and report on them. We also provide support for setting up and maintaining personal assets, such as houses, watches, boats, and cars. With all of your client’s accounts, assets, and liabilities in one consolidated location, errors are reduced, and reporting is simplified.

Transaction Processing

Our Global Technology Center can provide support with all aspects of transaction processing. We lend a hand in the setup process by helping with bill pay template creation and workflow setup. Once everything’s set up, we continue to expedite transaction processing by initiating bill pay from both inbound documents and scheduled payments, including cap calls. We can also monitor and/or verify the transmission of wires and ACH payments and facilitate check printing and distribution.

Document Management

Our team helps AtlasFive users solve the challenge of document management, access, and maintenance more than any other service. In fact, 74% of our clients opt for document management support, which includes both physical and digital materials. Currently, there are over 800,000 documents secured on AtlasFive that help our clients easily access and digitally search important information. We handle mail room and document processing, scanning, document tagging, uploading, and document retrieval. Your office can rest easy knowing that every incoming document will be appropriately processed and stored for easy access when it’s needed.


Eton Solutions provides more than digital services: we can help manage physical documents as well. When you implement AtlasFive, you can elect to have us manage your mailroom, too. We’ll scan checks and invoices so documentation is always up-to-date. We’ll facilitate transactions by generating deposit slips and printing and sending checks. We’ll also document the workflow so everything is traceable and reproducible. Reduce staff costs and the amount of physical space required to store materials when you let us handle mailroom management for your office.

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