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Award-winning AtlasFive®, a fully integrated secure cloud native AI-driven family office software enabling improved accuracy, optimized processes, and reduced risk so you can focus on what matters most - providing more value and deepening client relationships.

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For Family Offices Globally

We’re more than experts in creating software and simplifying data aggregation — we’re experts in you and your business. Our founder and seasoned leadership team built their careers as family office professionals. We empathize with your challenges and understand your goals because we experienced your day-to-day operations.

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+$781 Billion

Managed on Platform
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+11.5 Million

Transactions processed annually
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+$65 Billion

Payments initiated from Platform
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Liquid and Illiquid Assets
Aggregated on Platform
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+665 Families

on the Platform

One integrated platform.
One database.
One source of truth.

Our solution to the challenges family offices face is our fully integrated secure cloud native AI-driven platform, AtlasFive®. It acts as one source of truth utilizing the same transaction-level data for investment ledger, performance reporting, the general ledger, and the tax ledger, which means all of your AtlasFive® ledgers are in sync at all times and everything you need to process a transaction is in one place.

As the future of the family office evolves, Eton Solutions is at the forefront of integrating AI into family office operations. Leverage a suite of AI-powered tools securely within their private instance, family offices can enhance efficiency and prepare for the future. These advancements offer automated data processing, generative AI and intelligent insights, reducing manual workload and allowing staff to focus on the office’s priority - achieving the goals of the family it serves.

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Our one-stop solution streamlines family office operations, eliminating the inconvenience and inefficiencies of juggling multiple software products.

Decision Making

Our integrated data model breaks down data silos, fostering better collaboration and empowering your team to make informed decisions.


Our highly automated system reduces manual work and errors, freeing your team to focus on high-value tasks.


With our elastic scaling, we effortlessly adapt to your evolving business needs, whether you're expanding or downsizing.


Our robust cyber security protects your sensitive data, offering peace of mind while preserving the trust of your digital environment.


We convert data into intelligent insights, providing actionable guidance to optimize your strategic planning.

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Eton Solutions has reimagined each intricate process of a family office into AtlasFive®, a fully integrated secure cloud native AI-driven platform. A family office serves many different roles for its clients, and no two family offices are structured exactly alike. AtlasFive® platform is highly customizable to fit your office’s needs and be the sole platform you use. The platform improves efficiency as well as trust—in the data, in the process, and in the reporting. Embedding your office’s workflows into AtlasFive® can expedite all functions a family office provides to its clients.

General Ledger, Partnership and Trust Accounting
Portfolio Management and Investment Reporting
Tax Classification
Bill Pay
AI Family Office Assistant
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Family Office™

Eton Solutions adds professional services to the power of the AtlasFive® platform to deliver the end-to-end administrative services traditionally provided by a family office in a cost-effective, hassle-free solution we call the Administrative Family Office™ (AFO™).

AFO™ facilitates administrative services such as bill pay, accounting tasks, mailroom processes, document management, and a range of other key capabilities by leveraging the Eton Solutions AtlasFive® platform. AFO™ delivers rolled-up financial reporting, ad hoc reports, and other status reports such as total net worth in near real-time, enabling data-precise wealth management.

Virtual family office in the palm of your hand
Get full control and visibility of your total net worth
Ensure maximum privacy for your family’s needs​
Harness the power of AI with EtonGPT™ as your personal AI Assistant
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Family offices have different goals and resources, which is why we offer comprehensive service options to our clients. Choose the support you need, when you need it — investment support, general ledger assistance, investment management support, and more.
Offer your clients more without adding additional staff.

Tax Support Services
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Single Family Offices

Whether the job is client reporting, accounting, performance reporting, estate planning, managing alternative assets, or any other of the myriad tasks an SFO does, there is the expectation they will be done in an accurate, transparent and timely way. Eton Solutions enables family office professionals to focus on higher value tasks, de-risk operations in a highly secure and scaled access managed environment.

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Multi-Family Offices

A multi-family office serves many roles for its clients, and all of the services it provides must be executed with accuracy and transparency. The Eton Solutions AtlasFive™ software platform and optional supplemental services enable MFOs to efficiently execute transactional services and at lower costs thereby increasing profitability.

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Business Managers

As a financial advisor, you’re trusted by your clients. They depend on you to effectively manage their investment portfolios and guide them on the best path forward. With products and services by Eton Solutions, you can offer more value-added services that solve your clients’ pain points and provide them with a more centralized and simplified wealth management experience.

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Wealth Owners

A family needs more than just advisory services to manage wealth effectively. Eton Solutions offers a variety of services and products that expand your administrative capabilities, improve your access to current data about your assets and net worth, and let you choose the level of investment, advisory, and tax support you need.

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At Eton Solutions, we foster collaborative partnerships and provide valuable resources to empower our ecosystem partners.
By becoming an Eton Solutions Ecosystem Partner, you gain access to a wide array of benefits and opportunities that elevate your service capabilities and expand your reach on a global scale.

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The AI Revolution: Why AI will be a Game Changer for Family Offices

In an era defined by technological advancement, artificial intelligence (AI) stands out as the biggest and one of the most revolutionizing trends. AI will impact every industry but holds the opportunity to revolutionize the wealth management industry in particular. For decades family offices have hoped that some of the major inefficiencies in the wealth management industry would be solved by technology. Too often the progress was far less than the promise as vendors and family offices alike struggled with lack of standards and too much information locked in documents (unstructured data). AI has the potential to change this and so much more. Let's delve into the multifaceted dimensions of AI's role in family offices and how innovative tools like Eton Solutions’ EtonGPT will reshape the industry.


How Business Managers Can Leverage Technology to Future Proof Your Practice

In the realm of business management, challenges abound with evolving client needs, technological shifts, and regulatory changes. Embracing technology emerges as a vital strategy, enabling managers to tackle present issues while preparing for the future. Recognizing enduring constants, such as the importance of exceptional employees and the complexity of client lives, guides strategic planning. Leveraging advancements like AI and APIs streamlines operations, enhances client experiences, and mitigates risks. Proactive adoption of modern technology ensures firms remain resilient and competitive in the digital age.


Better Process, Better Outcomes: Navigating Technology Investments for Family Offices and UHNW Clients

Want to get a better return on your technology investment? Having a better upfront selection process will go a long way in ensuring a better return on investment (ROI) for your technology spend. Selecting technology is a lot like selecting a new investment for your client. You wouldn’t ask your golf buddies what investments they are in, get a couple of corporate pitches and then select the cheapest stock. Sadly, this is how many business managers and family offices go about selecting technology. They ask their peers, get some demos and go with the best demo and\or cheapest price.


Eton Solutions and Hubbis Convene Decision Makers In Hong Kong to Explore Global Trends and Challenges in Family Offices

The recent collaboration between Hubbis and Eton Solutions set the stage for a transformative event at the China Club. Themed "Establishing a Family Office – Key Challenges and Consequences," the event curated a rich exploration into the complexities of family office dynamics. Industry luminaries convened against the panoramic cityscape to engage in profound discussions spanning regional strategic appeal, operational challenges, governance dynamics, and the visionary role of family offices. From the nuanced balance between human touch and technology to the imperative of embracing the digital shift, the event showcased Eton Solutions as a strategic partner guiding family offices through the evolving landscape.


The Time Has Come For Automated Accounting

In 2023, family offices are focusing on doing things right rather than radically different. Forbes emphasizes the importance of professionalizing family wealth, implementing long-term compensation benchmarks, retaining talent, and decentralizing risk for success amid uncertainty. One key aspect is optimizing accounting processes and workflows, acknowledging the impact of automation on accountants. Instead of fearing job replacement, the synergy between technology and staff is highlighted. Efficient automation in family offices involves streamlining accounting, standardizing workflows, and deploying technology to enhance decision-making.


Top 5 AI-Driven Security Threats for Family Offices in 2023

Murali Nadarajah, CIO at Eton Solutions, co-authored this article with AtlasFive AI-tool EtonGPT. EtonGPT is the first family office large language model that has been fine-tuned with family office best practices. Built on GPT-4, it operates on a secure, private instance for each client.


Leveraging AI in the Family Office

Driven by advancements in machine learning and generative AI, this technology is making remarkable strides across virtually all sectors of white-collar professions, with family office services being a prime example. AI’s sophisticated tools do more than just streamline processes; they automate tasks and strengthen decision-making abilities.


A Self-Driving Family Office?

Along the technology journey toward automotive automation and self-driving cars, experts frequently talk about five levels of automation, ranging from no driving automation whatsoever (Level 1) to full driving automation (Level 5). Today’s family offices might think about a similar spectrum when considering where they are in harnessing the power of automation to improve the way they get from here to there.

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