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Single family offices

We understand the unique needs of single family offices (SFOs). Family offices are faced with providing a wide range of services with a limited number of staff. You are responsible for numerous multiple entities across various jurisdictions. You need to provide investment reporting, track alternative investments, provide tax preparation, manage cash flow, pay bill and the list goes on.

Without a unified platform designed specifically for the needs of family office, you are required to integrated multiple systems, reconcile this data across silos or you have systems that do not talk to each other. Your financial accounting is unaware of what is going on with your investment system and you end up tracking beneficial interest and creating reports in Excel.

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Digital transformation for
multi-generational success

Transform your Single Family Office operations and governance with our proven expertise. As a trusted technology partner of over 650 families, we understand the needs and challenges of running a Single Family Office and we know how to empower your family office in achieving its vision.

What you would be getting as a
Single Family Office

Artificial Intelligence
Core Accounting
Investment Management
Entity Management
Cash Management
Document Management
Private Loan Management
Client Reporting
Data Integration
Workflows & Audit Trail
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Key Benefits
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Single Family Office Innovation

Seamless Experience

Our unified platform streamlines family office operations, eliminating the inconvenience and inefficiencies of juggling multiple software products.

Gain scale and transparency

  • Seamlessly integrates core functions, from Client Onboarding, Entity Management, Portfolio Management, Risk Management, General Ledger (GL), Fund and Trust Accounting, Bill Payment, Loan Management and Client Reports, eliminating the re-keying of data into multiple systems and the inefficiencies of reconciling data across these products.
  • Comprehensive map of family’s ownership structures across dimensions such as funds, trusts etc., giving you the ability to set up complex vehicles and augment your in-depth legal advice to family clients.

Improved Digital Experience

  • Our client portal and mobile app provides a modern digital experience for your family members in a secure manner.

Improved Decision-Making

Our integrated data model breaks down data silos, fostering better collaboration and empowering your team to make informed decisions.

Single View of All Assets Across Entities.

  • Your Wealth Planning & Trust Specialists will have visibility of total wealth i.e., liquid and illiquid assets, entities and jurisdictions for better investment advisory.

Revolutionize providing information and reporting to the Family

  • Access to over +50 out-of-the-box Investment, GL, Partnership, Trust, Operations and Compliance reports, including Daily Performance Dashboard and Accounting Dashboard.

Efficiency Enhancement

Our highly automated system reduces manual work and errors, freeing your team to focus on high-value tasks.

Remove manual data management efforts and simplify your data operations

  • Our Account level aggregation allows family offices to consolidate financial data from multiple sources and institutions. This means that all financial activity is gathered in one place, providing a comprehensive view of financial transactions.
  • Automated AI-driven transaction analysis to detect and fix anomalies and inconsistencies, leaving you with accurate and clean data.

Private Equity Lifecycle Management

  • Simplify the PE lifecycle by initiating capital calls, authorizing payments, and updating capital commitment schedule on the AtlasFive® platform.
  • Visualize historical and projected private equity cash flows for ensuring liquidity for upcoming capital calls.

Tax Reporting and Filing

  • Centralized repository for all tax-related data, including income, deductions, credits, and more. This ensures that all necessary tax information is readily available in one place.
  • Family offices can generate customizable tax reports, which provide a clear overview of tax liabilities, deductions, and credits. This aids in tax planning and filing accuracy.

Data-Driven Strategy

We convert data into intelligent insights, providing actionable guidance to optimize your strategic planning.

Gain total visibility & risk management

  • Understand portfolio performance and measure decision impact by benchmarking against industry standards and custom criteria.

Overview of total costs and fees

  • Transaction are automatically classified to different types of expenses, such as bank fees, management fees, operational costs, and more. This level of detail ensures that nothing is overlooked and offers insights into which areas incur the highest costs.

Future Proof Your Business

With our cloud-based platform and ongoing product development we can adapt to your evolving business needs.

Increased Resilience with Cloud Native Architecture (CNA)

  • AtlasFive® clients benefit from the dynamic scaling of computing resources that can match varying seasonal demands. This enables them to match varying seasonal demands and easily handle more resource intense periods such as month-end or quarter-end closings, which typically demand more resources than standard daily processes.

Flexible Operational Infrastructure

  • AtlasFive’s® operational infrastructure is inherently flexible so that you can adapt it to work for your office. Whether you need complete managed services provided entirely by our experts, a standalone system that you manage and operate yourself, or something in between, we’ll work together to structure a secure solution that optimizes your workflow processes.

Privacy, Security and Transparency

Our robust cyber security protects your sensitive data, offering peace of mind while preserving the trust of your digital environment.

Secure Infrastructure and IT security

We offer you a best-in-class solution that gives you full Control over your data, is managed according to the highest Security standards, and ensures the maximum level of Privacy for your family's needs.

  • SOC2 Certified
  • ISO27001 Certified
  • Cloud Native Architecture
  • Integrated Single Sign On with Multi Factor Authentication
  • Disaster Recovery
  • 24x7 Monitoring

Learn More about securing your family office infrastructure

User permissions and digital audit trails

  • Manage dynamic permissions for document types, workflow activities, data set-up, transaction approvals, and view all activities through digital audit trail.

Secure document hub

  • Share private documents with third-party vendors and partners on a single platform.
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We help your office get the job done faster, more accurately, and with less effort than any other approach.

Single Family Offices

Streamlining Family Office Accounting with AtlasFive®

Family office accounting is often a time-consuming process that involves reconciling data across multiple platforms and spreadsheets. Most times, reporting cannot even be completed until weeks after a period closes — and that data is often error-prone, to boot. The entire process is complicated and inefficient, and its meaningfulness to clients is often impacted by its inaccuracies or delays.

Single Family Offices

Managing Family Office Complexity with AtlasFive®

For modern family offices, complexity is the name of the game. Because they manage an intricate web of legal entities, ownership structures, and interrelationships, family offices have numerous responsibilities and reporting requirements that span various arrangements. And because of the uniqueness of each office’s composition and roles, finding a tech platform that catches every aspect of their administration while also allowing for total customization has been a challenge — until now. With Eton Solutions’ AtlasFive platform, family offices can finally implement a fully integrated system that is configurable to work with their clients’ requirements.

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