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Introducing Eton Solutions Administrative Family Office (AFO)™


May 11, 2023

The increasing accumulation of wealth has led to a surge in the establishment of family offices by ultra-high-net-worth individuals and families. The attraction lies in the increased control, visibility, and flexibility that these family offices offer, outperforming the services that traditional wealth management firms provide. Mordor Intelligence data shows that there were 7,300 family offices globally in 2019, marking a 38% increase over the previous two years.

However, for wealthy families, particularly those with assets under $1billion (with $25 million in AUM and above), setting up and/or maintaining a family office is both costly and daunting. More than just investment advice, a well-operated family office demands a broad range of middle and back-office services, such as accounting, bill payment, mailroom operations, and document management. Hiring and managing professionals for these roles is complex and time-consuming. Furthermore, without a sophisticated technology platform that unifies all office data and processes, along with competent personnel to manage the system, problems in workflow, reporting, and decision-making will arise.

How Then Can Families Overcome These Hurdles and Enjoy The Benefits of a Well-Functioning Family Office?

Eton Solutions offers a solution with its novel and first-of-its-kind Administrative Family Office (AFO)™. AFO™ combines the power and integrated process and data management capabilities of Eton's industry-leading AtlasFive® technology platform with Eton's expert professional services. This combination creates a fully functional virtual family office, eliminating the challenges and costs of operating a standalone physical office. Eton manages the technology and administrative services, while the family retains the flexibility to use their preferred advisory services providers.

This approach provides the advantages of cutting-edge technology with world-class middle and back-office services, capabilities that once was only affordable by the larger family offices that managed more than $1 billion in assets.

The hybrid technology platform and expert services combination, allows AFO™ to provide wealth owners and their advisory teams with exceptional levels of governance, control, visibility, and risk management within the family office., allowing them to efficiently address complex wealth management and business matters from start to finish.

Net Worth Data Ready for Decision Making

AFO™ mitigates common family office challenges, such as obtaining timely, accurate reports and insights for informed decision-making and approvals. Many offices struggle with manual processes, disparate systems and tools, such as spreadsheets, to manage data. These separate systems contribute to a host of issues, including redundant work, outdated data, increased error risk, and ongoing IT-related integration and maintenance problems.

AFO™ offers families the ability to receive both periodic and as-needed reports. The AtlasFive's cloud-native database provides a unified data source, eliminating the need to reconcile data before generating trusted and accurate reports. Families have full visibility of all their assets and investments, including securities, alternative investments, fund of funds, as well as tangible assets like real estate, art collections, luxury vehicles, boats, yachts and aircraft. Automated data feeds from banks and custodians ensure the data remains current, bringing and securing all data on one platform for all family members.

The easy-to-use and secure client portal and mobile app provide families with access to information and reports, the ability to make service requests, and to monitor and approve transactions. This interface simplifies complexity while offering secure end-to-end visibility and control behind an encrypted communication firewall.

Choose Your Own Path with On-Demand Professional Wealth Management Services

Utilizing Eton’s proven professional services capabilities means that families only pay for services on an as-needed basis, rather than having to maintain full-time employees whose services are only required intermittently, resulting in substantial cost savings and economies of scale.

Ultra High Net Worth Individuals and/or Family offices can choose from three AFO™ collaboration models, depending on their level of need. All models include standard features such as core accounting and reporting, transaction processing, interactive dashboards, best-practice workflows, a mobile application and a virtual mailroom. AFO™ is customized to meet the specific requirements and goals of individual families, with fast-track implementation to get you up and running in just 30 days.

Already Have a Family Office in Need of Support?

Whether you are looking to start up a family office, or already have one established, AFO™ is highly versatile to address specific and unique needs. Family offices are brought to the next level in leveraging AFO™ to expand and complete their administrative and business insight capabilities. Reaping the benefits of a world-class, modern family office has never been more secure, more cost-efficient, easier and accessible. To learn more, download the AFO™ Brochure.

Eton Solutions AFO™

Privacy. Security. Control.

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