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Setting up a family office in Asia - missions, challenges and solutions


July 10, 2024

Eton Solutions and Hubbis hosted an exclusive roundtable in Singapore in early June to drill down into some of the key issues around establishing and managing a modern, fit-for-purpose family office in Asia. The guests were all decision-makers at wealth management firms, law and other professional services firms, fiduciary experts, and also senior representatives from Single-Family and Multi-Family Offices. Bryan Henning, SVP and Head of International represented Eton Solutions. This is a review of the key topics and takeaways from the discussion, with all comments considered off-the-record, except those from Bryan himself.

Hubbis has reorganised the discussion into the following key topics:

  • Defining and Refining the Family Office in Asia
  • Challenges in Setting Up a Family Office
  • The Importance of Scalability
  • The Rationale for Technology & Data Management Excellence in Family Offices
  • The Successful Implementation of Technology
  • Training and Support for Technology Adoption
  • Enhancing Family Governance and Succession Planning
  • The Future of Family Offices in Asia

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