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Partnership Accounting

Fund accounting, also referred to as Partnership Accounting, in a family office all starts with true integration of the functions of a family office. AtlasFive® meets family office needs by addressing fund accounting structural goals that go beyond operational step-by-step functionality. Shifting investment trends and expanding investment partnerships require family offices to provide fund accounting services. This means that having an accurate way to measure and report data, as well as sync these numbers to other departments, becomes a necessary tool for both internal operations and client-facing reporting and communication.

Stop relying on limited and outdated tools to fulfil internal operations and fiduciary responsibilities. WithAtlasFive, family offices will find all relevant information in a single place that is connected and can be convened on the platform per user request while eliminating the need to reconcile or research details in separate subsystems.

Integration simplifies complexity

We use best practice business processes, workflow templates, and maker-checker controls. AtlasFive® impacts the accuracy, control, timeliness, and cost-efficiency of a wide variety of fund accounting tasks.

AtlasFive® accommodates complex fund structures and allocation methods demonstrated by our Fund-Class structure that supports:

Booking all financial and tax activity in a central database
Single-source amalgamation of required data aggregation from multiple sources
Reconciling to external data sources
Performing book and tax allocations
Generate fund financial statements and investor reports
Single Class Funds
Multi-Class Funds with separate economic characteristics
Multi-Class Funds with separate investor allocations for different investment pools (side pockets, tranches, etc.)
Multi-Tiered Fund Structures to support master-feeder blockers, SPV’s
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Transparency and Accuracy

Your clients expect transparency and accuracy of reporting. Professionals know that client satisfaction is at the heart of a successful family office. Deliver results that your clients can trust and numbers your internal operations can rely on with AtlasFive®.

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