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AtlasFive® Revs Up Reporting in a Multi-Family Office


February 10, 2022

One of the most fundamental requirements for family offices is also one of the most challenging: providing the family with timely reports and accurate insights based on current data. If the office oversees multiple types of investments and transactions for multiple families, that challenge is even more overwhelming.

Often MFOs will outsource work (like data entry) in order to make their in-house staff more efficient. However, outsourcing comes with its own complications, like restrictive rules around data ownership and reduced data accuracy that causes additional work for office staff who have to reconcile these inaccuracies.

One fast-growing MFO experienced this challenge firsthand, and after a year and a half of outsourcing their software services, they turned to AtlasFive for a partnership. With the use of AtlasFive, this MFO was able to store all information in a unified system — and to control that data, too. Client-facing reports are consistent across all the departments, and fund transactions are processed in-house, eliminating the dependence on third-party data.

AtlasFive also provided a solution for the office’s client portal. Clients can now log in anywhere, at any time, and see meaningful groupings of their net worth, and the portal has simplified communication with clients, too. Custom reports in AtlasFive are easy to create, and the standardized procedure across all clients has boosted staff productivity while still providing individual clients with a customized experience. This MFO has been able to limit staffing expenses yet elevate their customer service at the same time — a win-win for both the office and the clients it serves.

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Managing Family Office Complexity with AtlasFive®

For modern family offices, complexity is the name of the game. Because they manage an intricate web of legal entities, ownership structures, and interrelationships, family offices have numerous responsibilities and reporting requirements that span various arrangements. And because of the uniqueness of each office’s composition and roles, finding a tech platform that catches every aspect of their administration while also allowing for total customization has been a challenge — until now. With Eton Solutions’ AtlasFive platform, family offices can finally implement a fully integrated system that is configurable to work with their clients’ requirements.

Streamlining Family Office Accounting with AtlasFive®

Family office accounting is often a time-consuming process that involves reconciling data across multiple platforms and spreadsheets. Most times, reporting cannot even be completed until weeks after a period closes — and that data is often error-prone, to boot. The entire process is complicated and inefficient, and its meaningfulness to clients is often impacted by its inaccuracies or delays.

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